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Judy Schachner

Posted in FeaturedVisual ArtsWriting on Apr 15, 2011
Author/Illustrator I really loved it when Judy Schachner, New York Times best-selling author/illustrator, told me “immmersing myself in my girls’ books and dancing in the living room with my kids was the best training for putting my dreams on the table.” Suddenly, I have a… read more

Craig David & Sports Stadium ...

Posted in Visual Arts on Jul 09, 2010
ARTIST & TREND You know how weekends are always too short to fit in everything you want to do? Well, sports stadiums to the rescue?!? The new trend in big sports arenas around the country is to combine high art and sports. Martini, meet Miller… read more

Jon Clinch

Posted in Writing on Jul 02, 2010
AUTHOR The first book listed on Oprah magazine’s “26 Favorite Book of the Summer” list is Jon Clinch’s Kings of the Earth. When you consider that the magazine is likely inundated with books from publishers hoping to get their authors on a coveted Oprah list,… read more

The Last Airbender: Jackson ...

Posted in Film on Jun 25, 2010
ACTORS Films succeed when they have great dialogue, dynamic action, incredible special effects or like-able characters. While I can’t vouch for the dialogue because the film opens on July 1 and I haven’t had a chance to screen it, it’s clear from The Last Airbender’s… read more

Cape Cod School of Art

Posted in Visual Arts on Jun 18, 2010
A VACATION ON CANVAS The Cape Cod School of Art is: a) where you learn how to airbrush a tourist’s name onto a t-shirt b) the first school in America to focus solely on Impressionist painting principles c) an important piece of American art history… read more

Laura Munson

Posted in Writing on Jun 04, 2010
AUTHOR “Find joy in the creation, let go of the wanting.” Imagine the freedom in living this way. This sentiment from Laura Munson’s interview can be applied to everything, including parenting and ourselves: what if we released the idea of who we (or our kids)… read more

Cultural Hot List: Summer

Posted in Cultural Hot List on May 28, 2010
Top 5 ways to keep cool this summer: 1. Reading with your toes between the sand and your pages fluttering in an ocean breeze 2. Ducking into a dark movie theater 3. You. Your i-pod. A hammock. 4. Holding an icy cold beer at… read more

Jacob Edgar

Posted in MusicTelevision on May 21, 2010
MUSIC PRODUCER/TV HOST/RECORD LABEL OWNER When I lived in New York, I would often visit Putumayo’s Upper West Side store. It was like going on vacation to India, Peru, Brazil and other far-away lands because the store was laden with everything from tunics to change… read more

Josh Bell

Posted in Film on May 14, 2010
FILMMAKER If you’ve seen the films Babe or The Queen, the television shows “24” or “Six Feet Under,” or any number of other films or tv in the past four decades, you’ve seen the work of acclaimed actor James Cromwell. But some of the most… read more

Zoe Francois

Posted in Culinary Arts on May 07, 2010
ARTISANAL BAKER With 5 spare minutes, you can: - De-hair your brush - Take a really quick, but useless, nap OR MAKE BREAD! I found it hard to believe that I could successfully make the boule from Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg’s Artisan Bread in… read more

The Watson Twins

Posted in Music on Apr 30, 2010
MUSICIANS You have to love an artist who says she’s finds a creative space and inspiration when she’s doing dishes. I totally get it! You see, doing dishes makes you feel successful because you can start and finish the task in relatively short order… read more