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Judy Schachner

Posted in FeaturedVisual ArtsWriting on Apr 15, 2011
Author/Illustrator I really loved it when Judy Schachner, New York Times best-selling author/illustrator, told me “immmersing myself in my girls’ books and dancing in the living room with my kids was the best training for putting my dreams on the table.” Suddenly, I have a… read more

Tanya Hamilton

Posted in Film on Oct 04, 2010
WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER Tanya Hamilton thinks the ordinary is fascinating. Based on her film, I totally agree. In her critically-lauded debut film Night Catches Us, which was much buzzed-about at Sundance, she focuses on ordinary people in a working class Philadelphia neighborhood in 1976. The film connects… read more

Guggenheim “YouTube ...

Posted in Film on Oct 01, 2010
Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith and Rob Stockman (writers/producers) Aaron Phelan (director) It’s official: YouTube has democratized art. Now a talented artist from Bison, Kansas has precisely the same chance as anyone else to see their work presented in a preeminent museum – this is something… read more

Tom Lichtenheld

Posted in Writing on Sep 17, 2010
Author/Illustrator Kids hear a lot of “No” in their day…what if there was a day that adults could only say YES to kids?! Don’t worry, it’s just a fictional scenario, so you won’t actually need to buy that hamster. It’s the fantastic premise vibrantly brought… read more

Cultural Hot List, Fall 2010

Posted in Cultural Hot List on Sep 10, 2010
Books, Music, Film, TV, Museums…your month-by-month Fall guide BOOKS SEPTEMBER: 9.28 – David Sedaris, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk Short stories that have human themes but use animals as characters. For instance, in “The Toad, the Turtle, and the Duck,” three strangers commiserate about animal bureaucracy while… read more

Ian Grant

Posted in DesignTelevision on Aug 27, 2010
Television Host of Emmy-Winning Show/Furniture Maker/Importer Relic Hunter Job Description: * Shots required (the vaccination kind, not the “chase with beer” kind) * Must have no fear of going off – extremely off – the beaten path * …And speaking of remote villages, must be… read more

Rachel Hovnanian

Posted in Visual Arts on Aug 13, 2010
VISUAL ARTIST The themes in Rachel Hovnanian’s mesmerizing art will ring true with many of us. When I read about Rachel Hovnanian in the New York Times, the directness and honesty in her work resonated with me. She says she wants to show how intensely… read more


Posted in DesignVisual Arts on Aug 06, 2010
ARTISTS/DESIGNERS I’m not normally someone who has to be the first to have something, nor do I often use this space to tout blatant consumerism, but things are different this time: Poketo – a company that  designs limited edition art products, accessories, apparel and decor –… read more

Natasha D’Schommer

Posted in Guest BloggerPhotography on Jul 30, 2010
PHOTOGRAPHER & GUEST BLOGGER The last full month of summer has arrived, as always, far too quickly. In an effort to maximize summer’s long days and gorgeous light, I turned to the incredibly talented photographer Natasha D’Schommer (whose images are poetic) to guest blog about… read more

Waiting for Superman (documentary)

Posted in Film on Jul 23, 2010
OSCAR-WINNER DAVIS GUGGENHEIM’S NEW DOCUMENTARY “This is not just a movie, it’s a movement.” (want to be part of it? there’s an easy way at the bottom of this post) That’s how Lesley Chilcott, producer of the documentary Waiting for Superman, described her film when… read more

Dani Fiori

Posted in Culinary ArtsTelevision on Jul 16, 2010
EMMY-WINNING SET DECORATOR/STYLIST FOR MARTHA STEWART & COOKIE GURU Daniele Boglivi-Fiori (Dani Fiori as she’s known professionally) is an Emmy-award winner for her set decorating and styling on “The Martha Stewart Show.” Dani is the on-air Resident Cookie Expert on “The Martha Stewart Show.” Martha… read more