Mom Culture Brings the Arts to Moms and Kids

by Lisa Kiava – April 23, 2007
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Instead of taking their kids to the zoo or a park, a new moms’ group in Minneapolis is opting to take their kids to a jazz performance or even the opera.

The Minnesota Opera performs classic duets and arias, even though some in the audience probably would prefer to hear a purple dinosaur performing.

Dierdre Palmer has three kids under the age of ten and admits fitting the arts into her schedule would be really tough if it weren’t for Mom Culture. Mom Culture is a Twin Cities group that meets about twice a month for cultural events where kids are included.

“You get to see the performers right up close and it’s so interactive, unlike being in a big auditorium where the performers are way off, down on the stage,” said Palmer.

Mom Culture was created by mom Lenore Moritz, who recently moved here from New York. Moritz wanted a cultural diversion that wasn’t just directed at kids.

“I wanted also the social aspect of it, especially since I was new to town. So the social aspect, the entertaining aspect for me but I wanted it to be welcoming to my child as well,” said Moritz.

The group will take in the Minnesota Orchestra, jazz performances and more.

“I thought they’d be bored but they loved it and they were clapping and learning how to sit quietly,” said mom Cindy Froid.

Each Mom Culture event costs about $25 and includes lunch.