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Luna C Bede


Beadwork Artist

Brenda Brousseau

pottery and ceramic sculpture

pottery and ceramic sculpture

Sculptor & Potter

Suzanna Schlesinger

"Ocean King" - pen&ink, watercolor

"Ocean King" - pen&ink, watercolor

Children’s Book Illustrator

Nina Victor Crittenden



Oil Paintings

Amy Cerny Vasterling -

Circus on the Moon

The three clowns are suspended

laughing wildly and diving into pillows

the night circus has arrived

Mixed in are cries and surrenders

who did what to whom

calls for assistance and apologies

These boys have met their match

as they march into darkness

Time for bed, monsters

we love you, goodnight

But beneath the layers of cloth

and surreptitious moonlight

their giggling betrays them


When I knew

you were going to arrive

I bought a bottle of

pink nail polish

and put it on

the name of it was


I have been writing poetry since I was fifteen, and over the years the pieces have evolved to reflect an interesting difference in perspective.  Since then I have worked on a novel, screenplay and children’s book, all of which have largely been put on hold in the years since grad school, while I have been staying at home to raise our three sons.

- JL Fine

staceymeyerDueCapoBufalo oil on canvas

Due Capo Bufalo, oil on canvas

Giraffe oil on linen

Giraffe, oil on linen


Stacey Meyer, Minneapolis –

Mother and Son

Mother and Son

Janice Fried, New Jersey –




- laura

Two and blue ballet costume to match your eyes
A sincere way of never-ending speech devoid of the letter r.
Jibba jabba jibba jabba all day long
Jumping spinning dancing singing talking talking talking
Music, songs, the same over and over
Every day, all day, until I might be driven crazy
But for the sentiments of two and blue ballet costume.
So much energy, perfect energy, perfect beauty.
A balance that is so organic yet so ethereal
I don’t want to lose you two and blue
Can’t you stay a while longer
I’ll never get to hold you this way again and I don’t want to forget what you feel like
Now, while you are still soft, before you go all angles and elbows on me.
But you’ve already moved on
That’s how it goes I guess
It’s all busy and go go go and we do forget to stop.
And so you’re off again.
I’ll visit you tonight when you sleep and I’ll see you so calm
That blue ballet costume that matches your eyes at the foot of your bed.

- daphne, vermont