Judy Schachner

Posted in FeaturedVisual ArtsWriting on Apr 15, 2011
Author/Illustrator I really loved it when Judy Schachner, New York Times best-selling author/illustrator, told me “immmersing myself in my girls’ books and dancing in the living room with my kids was the best training for putting my dreams on the table.” Suddenly, I have a… read more

Wendy Mogel

Posted in Writing on Oct 27, 2010
AUTHOR I parent, therefore I self-flagellate (only verbally, of course.) It can sound like this: “Do pretzels and Peeps count as dinner for the kids? I’m such a pushover.” Yes, if there’s one thing I’m certain about in my parenting it’s that I know how… read more

Tom Lichtenheld

Posted in Writing on Sep 17, 2010
Author/Illustrator Kids hear a lot of “No” in their day…what if there was a day that adults could only say YES to kids?! Don’t worry, it’s just a fictional scenario, so you won’t actually need to buy that hamster. It’s the fantastic premise vibrantly brought… read more

Jon Clinch

Posted in Writing on Jul 02, 2010
AUTHOR The first book listed on Oprah magazine’s “26 Favorite Book of the Summer” list is Jon Clinch’s Kings of the Earth. When you consider that the magazine is likely inundated with books from publishers hoping to get their authors on a coveted Oprah list,… read more

Laura Munson

Posted in Writing on Jun 04, 2010
AUTHOR “Find joy in the creation, let go of the wanting.” Imagine the freedom in living this way. This sentiment from Laura Munson’s interview can be applied to everything, including parenting and ourselves: what if we released the idea of who we (or our kids)… read more

Wendy Clinch

Posted in Writing on Apr 23, 2010
AUTHOR/SKI DIVA “Follow your bliss and you’ll have success,” the saying goes. I’m assuming “bliss” excludes things like sleeping or getting spa treatments, but Wendy Clinch is proof that the old adage does hold some truth. Wendy is The Ski Diva and if you, too,… read more

Jennifer Gilmore

Posted in Writing on Apr 02, 2010
AUTHOR I’m so grateful to Jennifer Gilmore. Thanks to her compelling writing, I just finished reading my first novel in 4 years! Did I just say that out loud? It’s not a badge of honor, the no-books thing. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open… read more

Aditi Kapil

Posted in Writing on Mar 19, 2010
PLAYWRIGHT Remember the first date you and your partner had after your first child came into your life? Just the two of you hoping to reconnect back to the couple you were pre-kid. At some point, in your sleep-deprived state, there may have been this… read more

Dan Buettner

Posted in Writing on Jan 22, 2010
Author + longevity guru The fountain of youth may be real, after all…. …and Dan Buettner wants to help you find it. In his quest to determine what allows the oldest people to live longer, better, Dan has identified some common denominators in these age-defying… read more

Candy Spelling

Posted in Writing on Nov 06, 2009
Author Stories from Candyland found a coveted spot on the best-seller lists of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. You’ve seen her on “20/20,” “Good Morning America” and countless talk shows. Now author Candy Spelling shares some stories with Mom Culture.    A few weeks… read more