Jessica Jackson Hutchins

Posted in Visual Arts on Mar 26, 2010
VISUAL ARTIST This piece grabbed me when I walked into the gallery space of an exhibition called “Dirt on Delight” - I knew I had to seek out the artist for Mom Culture. Little did I know she would turn out to be Jessica Jackson… read more

Pam Longobardi

Posted in Visual Arts on Feb 12, 2010
Artist What this work of art is made of will surprise and disgust you. This piece, “Human Mirror,” was created from plastics and debris that were washed up on the gorgeous beaches in Costa Rica. Artist and Georgia State University art professor Pam Longobardi has… read more

Kate Gilmore

Posted in Visual Arts on Jan 29, 2010
Artist She cemented her leg in bucket for the sake of her art! Ok, the cementing was an accident, but Kate Gilmore is committed to her work at all costs (see the bucket story in her answers below.) Kate is part of the Whitney Biennial… read more

Tom Slaughter

Posted in Visual Arts on Dec 18, 2009
Artist, designer Look at this – he can make culturally significant art faster than I can lace up my boots…. I’ve known about Tom Slaughter for some time because Eats lives in our bookshelves and is one of our favorites over here.  You know how you… read more

Sophie Blackall

Posted in Visual Arts on Nov 13, 2009
Illustrator There’s so much buzz about Sophie Blackall’s “Missed Connections” work that I felt compelled to find out more about her.  How hilarious and brilliant to concept illustration around those “Missed Connections” ads on Craigslist (ads placed by someone seeking the person they’ve seen in passing… read more