Ian Grant

Posted in DesignTelevision on Aug 27, 2010
Television Host of Emmy-Winning Show/Furniture Maker/Importer Relic Hunter Job Description: * Shots required (the vaccination kind, not the “chase with beer” kind) * Must have no fear of going off – extremely off – the beaten path * …And speaking of remote villages, must be… read more

Dani Fiori

Posted in Culinary ArtsTelevision on Jul 16, 2010
EMMY-WINNING SET DECORATOR/STYLIST FOR MARTHA STEWART & COOKIE GURU Daniele Boglivi-Fiori (Dani Fiori as she’s known professionally) is an Emmy-award winner for her set decorating and styling on “The Martha Stewart Show.” Dani is the on-air Resident Cookie Expert on “The Martha Stewart Show.” Martha… read more

Jacob Edgar

Posted in MusicTelevision on May 21, 2010
MUSIC PRODUCER/TV HOST/RECORD LABEL OWNER When I lived in New York, I would often visit Putumayo’s Upper West Side store. It was like going on vacation to India, Peru, Brazil and other far-away lands because the store was laden with everything from tunics to change… read more

Faces of America

Posted in Television on Feb 05, 2010
PBS mini-series “It’s liberating to have another way to think of yourself.” “America is a basin into which so much has been poured and we don’t understand the half of it.” That’s how Malcolm Gladwell (journalist and author of The Tipping Point and Outliers) and… read more