Joy Teiken

Posted in Design on Nov 22, 2010
APPAREL DESIGNER Joy Teiken poured her heart into her first piece, a beret made of a vintage dress. The hat was for her mother, who was dying of breast cancer, to wear at her brother’s wedding. Two weeks later, her mother was buried in that… read more

Ian Grant

Posted in DesignTelevision on Aug 27, 2010
Television Host of Emmy-Winning Show/Furniture Maker/Importer Relic Hunter Job Description: * Shots required (the vaccination kind, not the “chase with beer” kind) * Must have no fear of going off – extremely off – the beaten path * …And speaking of remote villages, must be… read more


Posted in DesignVisual Arts on Aug 06, 2010
ARTISTS/DESIGNERS I’m not normally someone who has to be the first to have something, nor do I often use this space to tout blatant consumerism, but things are different this time: Poketo – a company that  designs limited edition art products, accessories, apparel and decor –… read more