8 Reasons Galleries Work for ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 20, 2011
(my post for The Huffington Post) Kudos if you have kids who can’t wait to go out and see art with you. But if that does not rank high on their list and you are longing to get them interested in pictures that are not… read more

Using Mom Intuition to Win ...

Posted in Blog on Feb 24, 2011
(my post from Unless you’ve been traveling to the nether-regions of the planet where your phone is useful only as a nutcracker, you know that the Oscars are coming this Sunday, February 27. While the actors are busy figuring out how to strategically tape… read more

The Most Dangerous Place in ...

Posted in Blog on Dec 29, 2010
(lenore’s post on Because, like most parents, I am well aware of the commonly known “hidden dangers” in a home, I had a childproof latch installed on the knife drawer and a gate bolted to the top of the stairs long before my first… read more

Pirouettes for All: What I ...

Posted in Blog on Dec 29, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s blog on In December, dance is on everyone’s mind. Some people are thinking about which of their colleagues will pull an “Elaine” and convulse their way through dancing at the office party (YouTube search “Elaine from Seinfeld Dancing” when you need… read more

The Future of Parenting

Posted in Blog on Nov 11, 2010
(from my Metro magazine blog) I have seen the future and I am afraid. It all started this past Saturday (insert flashback sound effects)…. The line was long. Really long. Since this was the Mall of America, let’s measure it in store lengths…say roughly 40… read more

The Day Spiderman Moved ...

Posted in Blog on Oct 27, 2010
(my piece for Mom Logic) So I was minding my own business when my 4-year-old son came up to tell me that it was time he had a superhero action figure. My friends who have girls have been buying princess dolls and costumes for… read more

5 Cultural ...

Posted in Blog on Oct 01, 2010
(lenore’s piece from The Huffington Post) This one goes out especially for the parents. You who, pre-kids, used to have cultural outings to live concerts, museums and theater. Sure, you might manage to fit in some shows here and there, but not at a clip… read more

5 New Truths to Live By

Posted in Blog on Oct 01, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s Metro magazine blog) Folk wisdom is quaint but, like cheap diapers, it doesn’t seem to hold water in the context of parenting: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” Teaching this to the kids, especially young ones, might set them up for… read more

VIDEO: One Minute Artist ...

Posted in Blog on Sep 12, 2010
I asked 4 artists from the Target Children’s Book Festival the same question: Why do you love creating for children? Tom Lichtenheld, author/illustrator (Duck!Rabbit!; Everything I Know About Pirates; Yes Day; The OK Book; and many more wonderful books): Disney’s Choo Choo Soul (Genevieve Goings… read more

Live from Target’s Book ...

Posted in Blog on Sep 11, 2010
A girl, maybe 6, with an enormous bag of popcorn and a front row seat to Ralph’s World on a sunshine-filled late summer day…blissed out! Things are busy busy busy here. Lots of activity backstage – Choo Choo Soul’d Genevieve and DC seem to be… read more