Mom Culture is about giving you access and making it easy to get your culture fix…a vital, but often overlooked, part of living.

Whether or not you feel you get enough creative, inspiring moments in your life, can you ever have too many?  Mom Culture wholeheartedly believes that actively doing or observing creative experiences makes us more energetic and innovative in our own lives.

Mom Culture Online taps the nation’s most accomplished artists from all forms of culture, some of whom you’ll hear about here for the first time…but not the last time!  Each week a new artist will share their work and offer personal insight that you won’t get elsewhere — the kind of stuff you’d ask them if you met them for coffee. A quick but meaningful culture fix for you — their thoughts and work will ignite your own creativity and energy.

Mom Culture Live is events including concerts, dance performances, museum tours and more set up exclusively for Mom Culture parents and their 0-5 year old kids. It’s all for the grown-ups, but kids are welcome in order to make it hyper-convenient to fit into your life. If you’re interested in bringing Mom Culture Live to your area, please contact me.

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Who’s Lenore Moritz?

  • curator/editor of Mom Culture
  • a wife and mom of 2 boys
  • someone like you who needs her fill of music, words, visual and performing arts, film+tv, enlivening design and culture of all kinds because it both stimulates and calms her brain, soul and heart
  • not a morning person
  • had a career in public relations in New York; also did some other things (see timeline)

LM and MC – a timeline:


  • Lenore is born in Boston (early on gets moved to Pennsylvania)
  • counts lemon pants and a Winnie-the-Pooh shirt among favorite clothing
  • wins “Citizen of the Year” (in 3rd grade…did she peak too soon?!!)
  • gets taken to lots of classical music concerts and theater by parents (mostly stays awake)
  • starts piano lessons with a broken finger (teacher is not amused)
  • perms her straight hair (the 80’s are unexplainable)
  • sees first arena concert (Grateful Dead…an experience on so many levels)


  • graduates from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (wonders why colleges even bother offering 8am classes…especially to freshman)
  • moves to Atlanta
  • moves to New York to continue public relations path


  • gets married
  • enjoys PR but leaves Dan Klores Communications as a sr. vp to pursue wellness & spirituality interests (and make jewelry); becomes an ordained interfaith minister and advanced reiki practitioner
  • takes belated “gap year” and leaves NYC with husband to travel world; sleeps in tent for first time; feels liberated to not have belongings and “stuff” around; tires of washing underwear in hotel and campground sinks
  • moves to Minneapolis
  • has first son in 2006 (40 hour labor but sooooo worth it!)
  • starts Mom Culture Live events in 2007 after going to “moms&movies” — getting a chance to see an entire movie in one sitting reminds her how much she misses all forms of culture
  • has second son in 2008 (c-section but sooooo worth it!)
  • launches Mom Culture Online in 2009 to bring more people their culture fix