From the Art Closet: Mapping out LA

Posted in Blog on Apr 09, 2010

This week’s artist, Great Northern, hails from Los Angeles. In case you find yourself there – whether as tourist or resident – this is a website and app you’ll want to know about:

Mom Maps – both online or on your iphone as an app, it will tell you about where the “kid spots” are…playgrounds, infant spots, restaurants and so much more that are kid-friendly. They also have 17 other cities’ kid-centric amenities so check it as you venture out for summer travel.

You’ll need Mom Maps to subdue the young ‘uns in-between the excellent cultural outings in LA you’ll want to do which you can learn about at, Culture Spot LA, a fantastic website of information on all things arts-related in LA and surrounding areas.

  • 2 responses to "From the Art Closet: Mapping out LA"

  • lenore
    10th April 2010 at 20:13

    can’t wait to see the new features – you’ve developed an amazing resource!

  • Jill
    9th April 2010 at 22:13

    Thanks for the write up on Mom Maps! I built it to help find my way through a new city as a new mom and now use it all the time when I go someplace new.

    I’ll also be adding some new features going forward – like more places, more family travel experts.

    I will have to also check out Cultures Spot LA too! Thanks!