Using Mom Intuition to Win Your Oscar Pool

Posted in Blog on Feb 24, 2011

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Unless you’ve been traveling to the nether-regions of the planet where your phone is useful only as a nutcracker, you know that the Oscars are coming this Sunday, February 27. While the actors are busy figuring out how to strategically tape their dresses, you might be focused on more practical matters like winning your office/neighborhood Oscar pool.

To choose your picks, one option is to listen to the experts. They’ve narrowed Best Film  down to about three possibilities:
1) The King’s Speech is the frontrunner — it has already been awarded Best Film by the Producers Guild of America and the director won top honors from the Directors Guild of America.
2) The Social Network, which won Best Drama at the Golden Globes.
3) Black Swan – the dark horse.

But what if you relied on your mom intuition to pick your winners? You rely on it for a million other things and it rarely lets you down, why not apply it to winning your Oscar pool?

Using mom intuition and a rating scale of 0-5 “hunches,” this is how to rationalize through your pick for Best Film: (CONTINUE READING AT SOCIALMOMS.COM…)