Pirouettes for All: What I Love About Black Swan

Posted in Blog on Dec 29, 2010

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metrologoIn December, dance is on everyone’s mind. Some people are thinking about which of their colleagues will pull an “Elaine” and convulse their way through dancing at the office party (YouTube search “Elaine from Seinfeld Dancing” when you need a laugh). Others are flocking to see a live version of the iconic Nutcracker, and some are taking in dance on the big screen by seeing Black Swan, an outstanding dance-centered psychological thriller based on Swan Lake.

I usually shy away from thrillers, but how could I deny myself a Darren Aronofsky film? I celebrate the person who never dumbs down anything.

Aside from the fact that Black Swan is one of those rare movies I thought about for days after the screening, I also love this film because it brings dance to the masses. CONTINUE READING AT METROMAG.COM