The Future of Parenting

Posted in Blog on Nov 11, 2010

(from my Metro magazine blog)

metrologoI have seen the future and I am afraid. It all started this past Saturday (insert flashback sound effects)….

The line was long. Really long. Since this was the Mall of America, let’s measure it in store lengths…say roughly 40 stores long. It was 8:30 on a Saturday morning and the people were queued up for the opening of the Microsoft store.

Personally, I’m not an early adapter so I would not have known that such an event was taking place had I not been invited by the P.R. agency, but I’m always happy to attend something that has such a huge cultural impact on the most tech-savvy among us. Or at least on the biggest Kelly Clarkson fans.

You see, Kelly Clarkson had been hired by Microsoft to do a concert in conjunction with the store opening, and the first 100 people to enter the store were guaranteed a good view and a chance to meet her. One girl and her aunt who were ninth in line had arrived at 11 the night before and camped outside the mall — outside on a 30 degree night! But at least this sacrifice was for a musician; an MOA staffer told me that people also camp out the night before Black Friday – and the payoff for that is the satisfaction of being first to buy socks on sale!

But all these people couldn’t be Kelly Clarkson fans, could they? No indeed, many were…CONTINUE READING AT METRO MAGAZINE