The Day Spiderman Moved In-and Why I Love It!

Posted in Blog on Oct 27, 2010

(my piece for Mom Logic)

So I was minding my own business when my 4-year-old son came up to tell me that it was time he had a superhero action figure. My friends who have girls have been buying princess dolls and costumes for a while now (often reluctantly), so I knew the time would come. I figured this would be an opportunity to use the money in his frog bank — a combination of dollars slipped to him by family members and quarters from neighbors who “hire” him to water their plants or cats while they’re away.

Off we went to a smallish toy store, because fewer options is a good thing in such situations. I told him to pull down all the boxes of superheroes that interested him. In short order, I saw this at our feet: (…CONTINUE READING AT MOMLOGIC.COM)