5 Cultural “In-ings” To Do at Home

Posted in Blog on Oct 01, 2010

(lenore’s piece from The Huffington Post)

This one goes out especially for the parents. You who, pre-kids, used to have cultural outings to live concerts, museums and theater. Sure, you might manage to fit in some shows here and there, but not at a clip that truly fills your culture-loving soul.

And so I offer you an easy way to augment your cultural outings with cultural “in-ings.”

Gather the kids! Don the Snuggie! Cozy up in your living room lounge chair and get your culture fix! From creating to listening, these at-home remedies work for all ages (with the possible exception of the films, which may not be right for the youngest ones… but that’s fine because you don’t have to share your juicyfruits if they’re asleep).

1. Common Chord

If there is one music genre people of all ages can agree on, it’s world music. Why?
1) Ignorance is bliss: If you can’t understand the words, you can’t argue about the lyrics.
2) You never get bored: It’s world music, the options are plentiful.

Good sites to explore World Music: Putamayo and Cumbancha Records

2. Multi-tasking Features