Wendy Mogel

Posted in Writing on Oct 27, 2010
AUTHOR I parent, therefore I self-flagellate (only verbally, of course.) It can sound like this: “Do pretzels and Peeps count as dinner for the kids? I’m such a pushover.” Yes, if there’s one thing I’m certain about in my parenting it’s that I know how… read more

The Day Spiderman Moved ...

Posted in Blog on Oct 27, 2010
(my piece for Mom Logic) So I was minding my own business when my 4-year-old son came up to tell me that it was time he had a superhero action figure. My friends who have girls have been buying princess dolls and costumes for… read more

Amir Baradaran

Posted in Visual Arts on Oct 15, 2010
VISUAL AND PERFORMANCE ARTIST So imagine that you’re in a New York City taxi and this (minus the titles) comes on the monitor in the backseat: Jarring? Captivating? Intriguing? Provocative? Yes, yes, yes and yes. This video is a trailer for Amir Baradaran’s Transient, a… read more

Tanya Hamilton

Posted in Film on Oct 04, 2010
WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER Tanya Hamilton thinks the ordinary is fascinating. Based on her film, I totally agree. In her critically-lauded debut film Night Catches Us, which was much buzzed-about at Sundance, she focuses on ordinary people in a working class Philadelphia neighborhood in 1976. The film connects… read more

Guggenheim “YouTube ...

Posted in Film on Oct 01, 2010
Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith and Rob Stockman (writers/producers) Aaron Phelan (director) It’s official: YouTube has democratized art. Now a talented artist from Bison, Kansas has precisely the same chance as anyone else to see their work presented in a preeminent museum – this is something… read more

5 Cultural ...

Posted in Blog on Oct 01, 2010
(lenore’s piece from The Huffington Post) This one goes out especially for the parents. You who, pre-kids, used to have cultural outings to live concerts, museums and theater. Sure, you might manage to fit in some shows here and there, but not at a clip… read more

5 New Truths to Live By

Posted in Blog on Oct 01, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s Metro magazine blog) Folk wisdom is quaint but, like cheap diapers, it doesn’t seem to hold water in the context of parenting: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” Teaching this to the kids, especially young ones, might set them up for… read more