The Most Rockin’ Children’s Book Fest (Part 3)

Posted in Blog on Sep 11, 2010

If I closed my eyes, I might actually think that I was at a club (remember those!) Sure, Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Nap Time Players were rockin’ the kiddie crowd – that’s expected at a Children’s Fest – but the fact is that they were on every parents’ wavelength, too. I want the CD…really I want it, not for my kids (though they’ll enjoy, too.) More from them later….

Earlier today Disney’s Choo Choo Soul got everyone on their feet. You know this incredible team – Genevieve and DC – from the interstitials on Disney’s Playhouse block of shows. Where were they when I was 3?! (answer: not born, but never mind that.)  Genevieve and DC were actually a hip hop team before they started doing kids music, which they got into by accident when they voiced a video game. Are you noticing the “by accident” theme? (see previous entry with Tom Lichtenheld)

When I talked to Genevieve and DC backstage I asked them what the biggest difference is between performing for adults (when they did hip hop) and performing for the tykes. As if Genevieve is not endearing enough already, listen to her answer(!): kids don’t care how much you weigh or who you’re dating. Love that! You can currently get some of their songs on Disney Playdate cd. In addition, Genevieve is helping create music curriculum for Disney English in China (Disney schools in China) and DC is a visual artist whose latest work can be seen on the walls (as murals) of San Francisco-area restaurants.

The scene backstage is like kid-music-and-book heaven: Choo Choo Soul eating lunch at the next table over from Caitlin Sanchez (voice of Dora the Explorer), old friends meeting each other again and chatting about the common friend their editors know, adoring fans meeting one another (I’m talking one band meeting another), and talent switching into their regular-person mode after their hyped-up, high energy stage mode. Outside, kids’ eyes are glued to the performer on stage who’s reading a book that just made them burst out with giggles. Some eat hot dogs, some drink juice boxes and I have yet to hear a tantrum! Something’s going right! Will it continue to be so idyllic…?!