Art Celebrating the Hardest Labor

Posted in Blog on Sep 09, 2010

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While I was busy marking Labor Day by having a cookout and packing away my whites, I found myself thinking about the meaning of “Labor Day”.

According to the Department of Labor’s website, Labor Day is “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers”. That’s terrific, but what about the other kind of labor — the “I think the head is crowning” labor?

Laboring moms past, present and future, unite! Isn’t the greatest social achievement on the planet the reproduction of human beings? After all, without labor (and the subsequent childbirth), there would be no workers!

So happy Labor Day to all — especially those who have birthed children, or helped in the process. (Shout out to the doulas, OBs, midwives, nurses … and the occasional cab driver.) In your honor, I’ve created a mini gallery of art depicting labor throughout the ages. (Incidentally, finding art that depicts childbirth was no small task. Despite being one of life’s great miracles, childbirth isn’t depicted artistically quite as often as, say, sunsets. Well, no surprise — it must be hard to capture that exact moment when worry begins to forever permeate your very being, and “true love” takes on a whole new meaning.)  READ MORE & SEE THE SLIDESHOW AT MOMLOGIC.COM…