Can You Talk Too Much to Your Kids?!

Posted in Blog on Aug 10, 2010

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momlogicRecently, two moms of teens told me they wish they had been less wordy with their kids when they were little, because now the kids debate everything. If, ten years ago, they had just said, “No hitting” rather than, “That behavior is unacceptable in this house, because hands are for clapping and hugging, not hitting,” then today their teens would not be trying to filibuster every parental request. Hmm … I don’t know about that.

Personally, this concept of “fewer words” is so contrary to the way I do things. For one thing, my kids are little, so I’m constantly saying, “Use your words,” because that beats tantrums and screaming as a form of communication. For another thing, I’m a talker. I was even awarded “Most Talkative” in seventh grade — which I took great pride in, because I was very shy until I hit 6. And guess what my favorite band was in the early ’80s? Talk Talk. (True!) .

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