Ode to Mac n Cheese

Posted in Blog on Aug 05, 2010

(from Mom Culture’s Metro magazine blog)

“Slammin’ Words”

metrologoThe spoken-word Olympics, the National Poetry Slam, is going on right now through August 7 in St. Paul! The best slam poets (slammers? sloets?) in the nation will pour their hearts out through this captivating performance art.

I love words, but do not fancy myself a poet. Inspired, though, by the Poetry Slam–along with the concept that there’s really no right or wrong in art–I offer up a variety of poems using motherhood as my muse. My own attempt at Slam Poetry appears as the last poem. Enjoy…?

Ode to Mac ‘n Cheese:

You were so special
A magical orange concoction of oozing cheese and lovely noodles.
Back then, you only came in elbow shapes.
I think your sauce was thicker.
My parents rarely fed you to me, maybe when they had to meet friends early
So you became a delicacy…and I wished for many early nights out.
But that was then.
Now you show up frequently…too frequently.
You come in about 63 different shapes, though the character shapes are always impossible to make out after they are cooked.
So often you are left uneaten in the bowl and then you start to look sad.
Congealed and cold and maybe a darker shade of orange (weird.)
But you are so easy and fast, I cannot abandon you.

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