Ian Grant

Posted in DesignTelevision on Aug 27, 2010
Television Host of Emmy-Winning Show/Furniture Maker/Importer Relic Hunter Job Description: * Shots required (the vaccination kind, not the “chase with beer” kind) * Must have no fear of going off – extremely off – the beaten path * …And speaking of remote villages, must be… read more

Rachel Hovnanian

Posted in Visual Arts on Aug 13, 2010
VISUAL ARTIST The themes in Rachel Hovnanian’s mesmerizing art will ring true with many of us. When I read about Rachel Hovnanian in the New York Times, the directness and honesty in her work resonated with me. She says she wants to show how intensely… read more

Can You Talk Too Much to Your ...

Posted in Blog on Aug 10, 2010
(my post for Recently, two moms of teens told me they wish they had been less wordy with their kids when they were little, because now the kids debate everything. If, ten years ago, they had just said, “No hitting” rather than, “That behavior is unacceptable… read more


Posted in DesignVisual Arts on Aug 06, 2010
ARTISTS/DESIGNERS I’m not normally someone who has to be the first to have something, nor do I often use this space to tout blatant consumerism, but things are different this time: Poketo – a company that  designs limited edition art products, accessories, apparel and decor –… read more

Ode to Mac n Cheese

Posted in Blog on Aug 05, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s Metro magazine blog) “Slammin’ Words” The spoken-word Olympics, the National Poetry Slam, is going on right now through August 7 in St. Paul! The best slam poets (slammers? sloets?) in the nation will pour their hearts out through this captivating performance art.… read more