Posted in Blog on Jul 15, 2010

the work of gino hollander and drew beson frames the work of sushi chefs

I always love a chance to get together with The Blog Pantry posse of fellow bloggers – getting out from behind the screen is a necessity.

This month we gathered at James Rutherford’s new Kirkland Gallery, a gorgeous space on the street level at 6th & Marquette in downtown Minneapolis. James’ inaugural exhibition includes the work of the Los Angeles-based Gino Hollander, Gino’s granddaughter Siri Hollander, Drew Beson of Minneapolis, Norman Korpi of Los Angeles (who was on the first season of MTV’s The Real World – back when I was still the demographic for MTV…sigh)…and a room of art from 3 and 4 year olds. True.

kirkland gallery kid art room

I was honored that James asked me to curate the kids’ art room. What I loved about putting this together is being able to show the purest form of creating in the subconscious – kids naturally live in that clear, present space, but as adults we work hard at attaining even a few moments of such bliss. Like young children, I think that many artists have the ability to access this place where creativity flows unobstructed by worries and to-do lists.

So back to last night’s event – Kitchen Pantry Scientist (Liz), one of the founders of The Blog Pantry, brought sushi from Whole Foods which was extra delicious because it uses sustainable seafood, as well as cakes – more than just dreamy, these cakes have a cause. For instance, when you order a Freedom cake the company sends one to a soldier overseas, as well.

Fun company and tasty treats in a setting of wonderful artwork capped off by a gorgeous pink evening sky as I walked home. It was a good night.

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  • LoveFeast Table
    17th July 2010 at 23:45

    It was great chatting with you at the Kirkland. The kid’s room was sweet!! You did a great job!
    I love getting together with the Blog Pantry too!
    Chris Ann