The Most Un-Stuffy Museum

Posted in Blog on Jul 08, 2010

My kids and I spent 2 totally fun hours outside at the Walker Art Center today playing soccer, rolling hula hoops, playing catch with suction cup-y things and making art. It’s part of what the museum is doing this summer with Open Field – a communal area filled with games, tables, wi-fi, books and art supplies. And I cannot overlook the fact that the picnic lunch I brought was the most civilized lunch I think I’ve ever had with my 2- and 4- year old. They were captivated by the soft breeze, gentle clouds and prospect of playing a game of bags after they refueled.

We even had a chance to explore an outdoor art piece called “Sky Pesher,” a bunker-like installation with stone benches and an open roof to the sky. That’s a bad description, it’s really cool and cozy.

If you’re in Minnesota, Open Field is a unique and lovely way to spend some time.

james turrell, "sky pesher" at the Walker Art Center