Natasha D’Schommer

Posted in Guest BloggerPhotography on Jul 30, 2010
PHOTOGRAPHER & GUEST BLOGGER The last full month of summer has arrived, as always, far too quickly. In an effort to maximize summer’s long days and gorgeous light, I turned to the incredibly talented photographer Natasha D’Schommer (whose images are poetic) to guest blog about… read more

Waiting for Superman ...

Posted in Film on Jul 23, 2010
OSCAR-WINNER DAVIS GUGGENHEIM’S NEW DOCUMENTARY “This is not just a movie, it’s a movement.” (want to be part of it? there’s an easy way at the bottom of this post) That’s how Lesley Chilcott, producer of the documentary Waiting for Superman, described her film when… read more

Stood Up By the Sitter

Posted in Blog on Jul 22, 2010
(my post for Mom Logic) Sometimes my well-being rests in the hands of a 20-year-old college student. Crazy, right? I didn’t even want my well-being resting in the hands of a 20-year-old college student when I was a 20-year-old college student! But this is… read more

Dani Fiori

Posted in Culinary ArtsTelevision on Jul 16, 2010
EMMY-WINNING SET DECORATOR/STYLIST FOR MARTHA STEWART & COOKIE GURU Daniele Boglivi-Fiori (Dani Fiori as she’s known professionally) is an Emmy-award winner for her set decorating and styling on “The Martha Stewart Show.” Dani is the on-air Resident Cookie Expert on “The Martha Stewart Show.” Martha… read more


Posted in Blog on Jul 15, 2010
I always love a chance to get together with The Blog Pantry posse of fellow bloggers – getting out from behind the screen is a necessity. This month we gathered at James Rutherford’s new Kirkland Gallery, a gorgeous space on the street level at… read more

Where the Toys Are

Posted in Blog on Jul 14, 2010
(from the Mom Culture blog for Metro magazine) It’s the closest thing I’ll come to having a garage. Actually, I have a garage in my apartment building that I like very much; it’s heated and keeps me dry during rainstorms. But I’m talking about a… read more

Craig David & Sports ...

Posted in Visual Arts on Jul 09, 2010
ARTIST & TREND You know how weekends are always too short to fit in everything you want to do? Well, sports stadiums to the rescue?!? The new trend in big sports arenas around the country is to combine high art and sports. Martini, meet Miller… read more

The Most Un-Stuffy Museum

Posted in Blog on Jul 08, 2010
My kids and I spent 2 totally fun hours outside at the Walker Art Center today playing soccer, rolling hula hoops, playing catch with suction cup-y things and making art. It’s part of what the museum is doing this summer with Open Field – a… read more

Jon Clinch

Posted in Writing on Jul 02, 2010
AUTHOR The first book listed on Oprah magazine’s “26 Favorite Book of the Summer” list is Jon Clinch’s Kings of the Earth. When you consider that the magazine is likely inundated with books from publishers hoping to get their authors on a coveted Oprah list,… read more