A Wild Walk in the Park (momlogic)

Posted in Blog on Jun 23, 2010

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The following paragraph should be read in your best Rod Sterling voice (he’s the guy who introduced each episode of “The Twilight Zone”):

A quiet playground. A gorgeous spring day. A few kids under the age of 5 frolicking in the sun. Over the hill, a low rumbling sound wafts toward the baby swings. Parents look to the sky to see if it’s thunder; a blue sky indicates that impossibility. The first sight of one of them is sweet: a face with a big smile from the euphoria of being free for a few minutes. Then, like a stampede, the rumble gets louder as the next 30 kids follow quickly on the heels of the first one, kicking up dry dirt as their running feet hit the play area. Suddenly, the recently mellow swings are being tugged and used in ways not intended, and taunts replace the calm. You have entered the Twilight Zone … otherwise known as the world according to second graders.

That’s how it was a few weeks ago at the playground across from the elementary school. The school has its own playground, but on this day they spilled over to the public park. I was there. It proved to be fascinating insight at what really happens when a pack of second grade schoolmates do recess.

We parents don’t often get a chance to see our kids in action during the school day, and now I know why: it’s scary. It was like “Lord of the Flies” meets “Mean Girls.” CONTINUE READING AT MOMLOGIC.COM…