Disarming my 4 year old

Posted in Blog on Jun 04, 2010

(from my post)

momlogicMy sweet preschooler — the one who says that he swallows my kisses so they can live in his heart — recently tried to take up arms. That’s right: The gun phase had intruded on our peaceful homestead, and I was not having any of it.

My husband and I don’t have guns, and after thoughtful debate, I came to the conclusion that I needed to have a “pretend gun”-free home, too. You know pretend guns: Kids make them from anything that has a straight line … so that’s everything, basically, except balls.

Before I decided to ban gunplay in my house, I thought I could convince my son that those pretend “guns” could be water hoses. He asked if they could be fire hoses that spray fire instead, and I was cool with that. The trouble with that system was that it soon morphed into gun-shooting sounds again.

I did all sorts of research and gathered my mom-friends’ thoughts. One camp believes…CONTINUE READING AT MOMLOGIC.COM