Miles of Fun

Posted in Blog on Jun 29, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s blog for Metro magazine) On one hand, I give Miles Mendenhall, MInnesota native and a star of Bravo’s Work of Art, a lot of credit for going on a reality show. It can’t be easy to allow yourself to be judged,… read more

The Last Airbender: Jackson ...

Posted in Film on Jun 25, 2010
ACTORS Films succeed when they have great dialogue, dynamic action, incredible special effects or like-able characters. While I can’t vouch for the dialogue because the film opens on July 1 and I haven’t had a chance to screen it, it’s clear from The Last Airbender’s… read more

A Wild Walk in the Park ...

Posted in Blog on Jun 23, 2010
(my latest piece on The following paragraph should be read in your best Rod Sterling voice (he’s the guy who introduced each episode of “The Twilight Zone”): A quiet playground. A gorgeous spring day. A few kids under the age of 5 frolicking in… read more

Cape Cod School of Art

Posted in Visual Arts on Jun 18, 2010
A VACATION ON CANVAS The Cape Cod School of Art is: a) where you learn how to airbrush a tourist’s name onto a t-shirt b) the first school in America to focus solely on Impressionist painting principles c) an important piece of American art history… read more

Laura Munson

Posted in Writing on Jun 04, 2010
AUTHOR “Find joy in the creation, let go of the wanting.” Imagine the freedom in living this way. This sentiment from Laura Munson’s interview can be applied to everything, including parenting and ourselves: what if we released the idea of who we (or our kids)… read more

Disarming my 4 year old

Posted in Blog on Jun 04, 2010
(from my post) My sweet preschooler — the one who says that he swallows my kisses so they can live in his heart — recently tried to take up arms. That’s right: The gun phase had intruded on our peaceful homestead, and I was… read more

Animals Get the Paparazzi ...

Posted in Blog on Jun 03, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s blog on Metro magazine) If animals knew how they were being depicted on television, there would be an uprising. For one thing, Animal Planet’s line-up reads like a Stephen King novel. Remember when the scariest thing about animals was watching Jim on… read more