Cultural Hot List: Summer

Posted in Cultural Hot List on May 28, 2010
Top 5 ways to keep cool this summer: 1. Reading with your toes between the sand and your pages fluttering in an ocean breeze 2. Ducking into a dark movie theater 3. You. Your i-pod. A hammock. 4. Holding an icy cold beer at… read more

Know This New Musician

Posted in Blog on May 28, 2010
Janelle Monae is one of the most original singers to break onto the scene. I love her sound and her look, stylized menswear with a modern day bouffant. There’s something about her costuming that reminds me of my beloved Prince, but her sound is… read more

Jacob Edgar

Posted in MusicTelevision on May 21, 2010
MUSIC PRODUCER/TV HOST/RECORD LABEL OWNER When I lived in New York, I would often visit Putumayo’s Upper West Side store. It was like going on vacation to India, Peru, Brazil and other far-away lands because the store was laden with everything from tunics to change… read more

Picasso Would’ve Loved ...

Posted in Blog on May 20, 2010
Picasso had two brilliant observations about children and art. This Gem: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” And this one: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint… read more

The Gift Challenge

Posted in Blog on May 18, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s blog on Metro magazine’s site) My son is about to turn four, so gifts have been on my mind…and his. As a result, I recently found myself at our quaint local toy store. I was truly excited to pick out a special… read more

Josh Bell

Posted in Film on May 14, 2010
FILMMAKER If you’ve seen the films Babe or The Queen, the television shows “24” or “Six Feet Under,” or any number of other films or tv in the past four decades, you’ve seen the work of acclaimed actor James Cromwell. But some of the most… read more

Gen X – are we Xcellent?

Posted in Blog on May 13, 2010
I read A.O. Scott’s piece, “Gen X Has a Midlife Crisis,” in last Sunday’s New York Times and it resonated with me a little too well. If you were born between 1964 and 1979, you are among the “slackers,” like it or not. It’s not… read more

Artist Salon this Weekend

Posted in Blog on May 07, 2010
In addition to being able to sleep-in on Mothers Day, I’m also excited about moderating an artist salon (interview) for an arts organization called Rimon. I’ll be interviewing the incredibly intriguing and gifted singer/songwriter/performer, Elisa Korenne. Elisa and I share a common path – both… read more

Zoe Francois

Posted in Culinary Arts on May 07, 2010
ARTISANAL BAKER With 5 spare minutes, you can: - De-hair your brush - Take a really quick, but useless, nap OR MAKE BREAD! I found it hard to believe that I could successfully make the boule from Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg’s Artisan Bread in… read more

Worldly Babies

Posted in Blog on May 06, 2010
I had a chance to see an advance screening of the film Babies last week. It’s a really cool film because it shares intimate moments of 4 babies’ first year of life. The babies live in Japan, US, Mongolia and Namibia. It’s humbling. You see… read more