Pulling Out My Hair

Posted in Blog on Apr 10, 2010
Sometimes we get signs from the universe that we’re not in sync with our lives. For instance, the other day I left the house with my phone in hand … my landline. (Yeah, I still have one of those.) Another time, my friend got out… read more

From the Art Closet: Mapping ...

Posted in Blog on Apr 09, 2010
This week’s artist, Great Northern, hails from Los Angeles. In case you find yourself there – whether as tourist or resident – this is a website and app you’ll want to know about: Mom Maps – both online or on your iphone as an app,… read more

Great Northern

Posted in Music on Apr 09, 2010
MUSICIANS My friend told me I’d like the LA-based band Great Northern and I never ignore a music recommendation. You know how some songs feel like they’d be a soundtrack for a part of your day? Well Great Northern’s music is a soundtrack for… read more


Posted in Blog on Apr 07, 2010
For whatever reason I can’t stop listening to Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” this morning…maybe it’s a remnant of the 1979 flashback from my last post. Who knows. It’s so good, though, I had to share the love with a video of their live… read more

From the Art Closet: ...

Posted in Blog on Apr 02, 2010
This week’s artist, Jennifer Gilmore, sets her new novel Something Red in 1979. In 1979, disco was on the way out, new wave on the way in; shoulder pads were about to swallow up our upper bodies and Sergio Valente jeans were a must (and… read more

Jennifer Gilmore

Posted in Writing on Apr 02, 2010
AUTHOR I’m so grateful to Jennifer Gilmore. Thanks to her compelling writing, I just finished reading my first novel in 4 years! Did I just say that out loud? It’s not a badge of honor, the no-books thing. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open… read more