Metro: Bringing Artists to Schools

Posted in Blog on Apr 14, 2010

(from Mom Culture’s blog on Metro magazine)

metrologoIf you like art and you enjoy food, keep reading.

If you like facts, there are few more impressive than those about the arts in Minnesota:

  • more theater seats than anywhere outside of New York
  • Minnesota Orchestra’s Osmo Vanska was a nationally-recognized Conductor of the Year
  • home of the beloved Prince

But the fact that has me most “wowed?” The Twin Cities’ Compas organization was one of the first 3 groups in the country to connect artists and kids through schools! The other 2 organizations were, not surprisingly, in New York and Los Angeles. Forty years later, Compas is still successfully enriching our kids’ lives.

The impact of seeing an artist and doing art with them in your school cannot be underestimated. Just look at these photos! (see photos at Metro site) Not only do I want my children there, I want to be there! CONTINUE READING AT METRO MAGAZINE SITE…

disclosure: mom culture is a sponsor of Compas’ Art of Cuisine benefit but wholeheartedly believes in Compas’ mission to make arts accessible to all kids and would write about them anyway