The Watson Twins

Posted in Music on Apr 30, 2010
MUSICIANS You have to love an artist who says she’s finds a creative space and inspiration when she’s doing dishes. I totally get it! You see, doing dishes makes you feel successful because you can start and finish the task in relatively short order… read more

What TV Mom Are You?

Posted in Blog on Apr 29, 2010
I took this funny quiz about what TV Mom I’d be…I’m Shirley Partridge! No question about it, I have a little “C’mon world, there’s a song that we’re singing…” in me. BTW, she’s much hipper than you would think, per the quiz result’s description.… read more

From the Art Closet: Snow ...

Posted in Blog on Apr 23, 2010
Mom Culture featured artist Wendy Clinch, aka The Ski Diva (, is clearly a die-hard ski fan, but take a look the biggest fans of all in this photo from 1969: Why are they the biggest fans? Because from what I can tell, they appear… read more

Wendy Clinch

Posted in Writing on Apr 23, 2010
AUTHOR/SKI DIVA “Follow your bliss and you’ll have success,” the saying goes. I’m assuming “bliss” excludes things like sleeping or getting spa treatments, but Wendy Clinch is proof that the old adage does hold some truth. Wendy is The Ski Diva and if you, too,… read more

Blog Parody

Posted in Blog on Apr 19, 2010
My friends at Kitchen Pantry Scientist and Unplanned Cooking have whipped up a sinfully delicious treat in the form of a parody about blogging. If you write a blog, if you read blogs, or even if you never read blogs but happened upon this one… read more

Angel Otero

Posted in Visual Arts on Apr 16, 2010
VISUAL ARTIST How do you go from drawing “Hello Kitty” to becoming one of the fastest-rising young stars in art? Angel Otero explains below and his artwork speaks for itself. He has a unique ability to make paint sculptural and this has garnered him… read more

Metro: Bringing Artists to ...

Posted in Blog on Apr 14, 2010
(from Mom Culture’s blog on Metro magazine) If you like art and you enjoy food, keep reading. If you like facts, there are few more impressive than those about the arts in Minnesota: more theater seats than anywhere outside of New York Minnesota Orchestra’s Osmo… read more

Arty Bread Update

Posted in Blog on Apr 14, 2010
For those of you who lost sleep last night wondering if I managed to contain the rising dough within the confines of its container – I did! Not only that, but the bread turned out fabulous and I can admit that only because I owe… read more

The Art of the Boule

Posted in Blog on Apr 13, 2010
I bake cookies (mostly ones that require chocolate), but I’ve never baked bread. Since baking artistically sounds like the best way to bake, I’m following the directions in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Not only do I like a new baking challenge, but… read more

Blog Party

Posted in Blog on Apr 11, 2010
Welcome to Mom Culture Ultimate Blog Party people! Mom Culture is a culture fix for your inner grown up! Each week I interview a nationally-recognized artist working in any medium. Artist’s insight (the kind of stuff you’d ask them over coffee), plus a sample of… read more