From the Art Closet: ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 05, 2010
…you and your kids in a little game of all-ages charades. What’s funnier than seeing a 4 year old pretend to be an elephant or a rock? (maybe his parents trying to guess…maybe that’s funnier.) For other star inspiration, read feature artist Norah Shapiro’s discussion… read more

Norah Shapiro

Posted in Film on Mar 05, 2010
FILMMAKER If you dare to give a child a chance, the possibilities are infinite. That’s what a new documentary, If You Dare, examines movingly through award-winning film maker Norah Shapiro’s lens. Children are natural storytellers, actors, directors (as in “please put the fish stick on… read more

Going Bananas

Posted in Blog on Mar 01, 2010
I don’t know what’s going on, but bananas seem to be invading my life. Yesterday, on a blog called Eat Me Daily, I was reading about artist Adriana Lara’s installation at last year’s “Younger Than Jesus” exhibition at the New Museum. For Lara’s piece, “Installation… read more