From the Art Closet: News You Can Use

Posted in Blog on Mar 26, 2010

Goodbye bad, bleak news — hello, piece of art. Papier mache gives you news you can truly use – the technique involves tearing strips of newspaper and using it with a paste-like mixture to form sculptures.

Mom Culture’s featured artist this week, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, mentions that she used papier mache forms in her early work. Though her use of papier mache was the stuff of high art, the mere mention of it brought me right back to elementary school when we had the chance to craft stuff using this technique. Was there anything better than feeling that goo between your fingers as you pulled off the excess paste mixture? I made a mask. It had feathers.

If you’re inspired, here’s a site to give you all the papier mache basics and get you going on your way to making your own birthday pinata. Or a mask…with feathers. Though perhaps nothing will top an actual papier mache wall built in a New York apartment in order to create a new room. That’s a very good example of newspaper recycling.

papier mache wall in a new york apartment