My Kids are Sick and I’m Loving It

Posted in Blog on Mar 22, 2010

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momlogicThe kids are sick. We’ve got a lockdown viral situation at my house, and it’s all OK by me. I’m not a sadist and, like any of you, I hate to see my child suffer — but luckily, Tylenol and Motrin are nothing short of brightly colored, impossibly sticky miracles-in-a-bottle.

The reason I don’t mind the kids’ garden-variety virus is because I’m embracing it as an excuse to slow down. Five days into fevers, you’d think I’d be bananas from being cooped up, but I’ve conditioned myself to try to find the bright side of things. (I’m not Darwin, but I think that’s part of “survival of the fittest” … or at least “survival of the sanest.”) I’ve been reflecting on what’s actually been pleasant about my kids’ illnesses.

Consider …

… The Fountain of Forbidden Liquids: Normally, I’m a “milk and water mom” — probably because milk goes much better than juice with the Oreos and candy I let them eat. But to the boys’ delight…Read more at