Gray Matter

Posted in Blog on Mar 18, 2010

swimmingtocambodiaTonight I’m going to be seeing “Stories Left to Tell” at the Walker Art Center. This performance piece/play takes excerpts of both well-known and never-before-seen work of that tormented literary genius, Spalding Gray. I have a sentimental connection to Gray’s work because when my husband and I were dating, we watched him do his thing at The Performing Garage in New York as he sat behind the signature wood desk that held just a glass of water and his notebook. I think we even sat on the floor…maybe folding chairs (small difference.)

Though you can no longer see him perform his own work live, you can watch Spalding Gray perform his own work in the critically-acclaimed film, Swimming to Cambodia, or keep an eye out for Steven Soderbergh’s And Everything is Going Fine, a documentary about Gray that’s been well-received at Slamdance and SXSW.