5 Mother-Loving Things that Rocked the Oscars

Posted in Blog on Mar 09, 2010

metrologoI LOVE the Oscars! It’s a great mix of the high and pop culture I adore. Though I do have to ask why, oh why, does Miley Cyrus have to be at every awards show? That agent of hers better be getting a massive cut of her paycheck.

Anyway, I thought the show was great, except for the interpretive dance thing they do every year to the film scores. Poppin to Avatar music – I’m not feeling it. The set was gorgeous, the hosts fun, Neil Patrick Harris’ opening smashing, the speeches pretty good (with the exception of one…more on that below.)

As always, there are some heartfelt shout-outs to moms and some lovely mom arm-candy accompanying a nominated child. I picked out a few of my favorite mom-related moments from the 2010 Oscars:

Gabourey Sidibe turns down Oprah and sticks to just showing up with her mom
Oprah asked Sidibe if she wanted to ride together and Sidibe declined saying “People will think we’re too cool.” I’m not sure what that means, but I like it when moms feel important. (btw Oprah, I’m free to ride with you next year.)

Sandra Bullock martyrizes moms
Every mom last night during Bullock’s speech was like “Totally, right on!” Continue Reading at Metro magazine