Jessica Jackson Hutchins

Posted in Visual Arts on Mar 26, 2010
VISUAL ARTIST This piece grabbed me when I walked into the gallery space of an exhibition called “Dirt on Delight” - I knew I had to seek out the artist for Mom Culture. Little did I know she would turn out to be Jessica Jackson… read more

From the Art Closet: News You ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 26, 2010
Goodbye bad, bleak news — hello, piece of art. Papier mache gives you news you can truly use – the technique involves tearing strips of newspaper and using it with a paste-like mixture to form sculptures. Mom Culture’s featured artist this week, Jessica Jackson Hutchins,… read more

An Art Star Who Just Learned ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 25, 2010
My family went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see the work of an artist we know. He’s 4. Seriously – the guy is exhibiting at a first-class museum and he’s younger than some of my t-shirts. This budding artist’s work is part of…Continue… read more

My Kids are Sick and ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 22, 2010
(My latest piece for The kids are sick. We’ve got a lockdown viral situation at my house, and it’s all OK by me. I’m not a sadist and, like any of you, I hate to see my child suffer — but luckily, Tylenol and… read more

From the Art Closet: Type A

Posted in Blog on Mar 19, 2010
Although its doubtful that playwrights like Mom Culture’s featured artist this week, Aditi Kapil, use typewriters, these obsolete machines are making a comeback…in the form of really cool vintage typewriter jewelry. The Find has a whole array of excellent pieces – it’s quaint to… read more

Aditi Kapil

Posted in Writing on Mar 19, 2010
PLAYWRIGHT Remember the first date you and your partner had after your first child came into your life? Just the two of you hoping to reconnect back to the couple you were pre-kid. At some point, in your sleep-deprived state, there may have been this… read more

Gray Matter

Posted in Blog on Mar 18, 2010
Tonight I’m going to be seeing “Stories Left to Tell” at the Walker Art Center. This performance piece/play takes excerpts of both well-known and never-before-seen work of that tormented literary genius, Spalding Gray. I have a sentimental connection to Gray’s work because when my husband… read more

From the Art Closet: Stress ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 12, 2010
Not only does it tell time, but Gavari’s Stress Watch also changes colors to tell you your stress level…just in case you need a gadget to tell you. A mood watch. Would it make you more stressed to see it in living color? Who knows,… read more
We’re “springing ahead” with a time change – what will you do with your “extra hour?” Sleep is an option – a good option. But filling it with culture is an even better option! I’ve put together a hot list of what’s new this Spring… read more

5 Mother-Loving Things that ...

Posted in Blog on Mar 09, 2010
I LOVE the Oscars! It’s a great mix of the high and pop culture I adore. Though I do have to ask why, oh why, does Miley Cyrus have to be at every awards show? That agent of hers better be getting a massive cut… read more