$104 million

Posted in Blog on Feb 08, 2010
Obviously, it’d be cool to have $104 million lying around to share with others or to buy organic blueberries even when they’re not on sale. Someone recently decided he or she was tired of lugging around so much cash and unloaded it on a Giacometti… read more

I’m a Vacation Virgin

Posted in Blog on Feb 05, 2010
Not the “immaculate conception” kind of virgin, I’m a virgin when it comes to vacations and kids, as in: I’ve never gone on one without my kids. My oldest is nearing four and my husband and I have not had even one night away since… read more

Faces of America

Posted in Television on Feb 05, 2010
PBS mini-series “It’s liberating to have another way to think of yourself.” “America is a basin into which so much has been poured and we don’t understand the half of it.” That’s how Malcolm Gladwell (journalist and author of The Tipping Point and Outliers) and… read more

Project Runway Bonus

Posted in Blog on Feb 04, 2010
What I love so much about Project Runway – aside from my beloved Tim Gunn – is that it’s on Lifetime now and during commercials I get a snippet of all those wild, juicy Lifetime movies I’ll never get to see in full…but that small… read more