Food for Thought

Posted in Blog on Feb 26, 2010

As long as we’re on food this week with Stephanie Izard, ask yourself: am I a Flexitarian? a Selectarian? Do I really need one more label to keep track of?! My latest piece on might help with clarity…or not!

At my children’s school, the kids are tagged with food labels:

  • Peanut-allergic
  • Sesame-allergic
  • Milk-sensitive

But I feel we reached a new low in humanity when we decided that we need no less than 11 different ways to talk about what we ingest. For the love of Spam, we all have a lot on our plates (pun definitely intended). Do we really need to clutter up our minds with all these words about what we eat?

It came to a head for me when…Continue Reading at momlogic