New form of exercise…Taiko Drumming

Posted in Blog on Feb 25, 2010

Last night I went to the Ordway Theater to see Shidara, a world-renowned Taiko drumming group from Japan. I figured I would either come home with a headache or thrilled by the art. Happily, it was the latter. I totally loved it and even found it meditative.

Taiko drumming is very connected to nature — the sounds and vibe are meant to convey scenes of rains, winds, birds, fields, etc. Watching them do their repetitive drum motions is trance-like and relaxing, and it seems to provide a kind of sound therapy because the vibrations penetrate you. Check out Shidara’s website to hear it and the Ordway’s site to see what else is coming up in their world performance series (Diavolo in March seems captivating!)

Just one more thing on the Taiko Drumming — check out the toning on the drummers’ bodies.

shidara taiko drum at ordway

I think Taiko Drumming class should be a new upper-body conditioning class. Seriously, my shoulders ached just watching them hold their sticks and drum above their heads for like 15 minutes straight.

(BTW, Taiko performance groups exist or tour in many cities if you’re ever interested in experiencing it – and I think kids would like it too…just don’t sit too close because it can be loud at times.)

  • 3 responses to "New form of exercise…Taiko Drumming"

  • Lenore
    5th March 2010 at 11:01

    how cool – i hope you had a chance to go!

  • Sarah
    5th March 2010 at 9:59

    Also – they did a version of this at the YWCA on Selby for SP residents.

  • Sharon
    26th February 2010 at 19:05

    To find taiko classes in your area go to Rolling Thunder’s Taiko Resource