New Titles for Ice Dancers & Playdoh

Posted in Blog on Feb 22, 2010

Ice dancing costumes are the haute couture of all sports get-ups – no one could ever in their wildest dreams have imagined such an outfit. One Olympic ice dancer did her routine in cowboy boots, another in a bikini top and one of the guys in suede chaps. Of course, none was outdone by this team:


icedancers-gotta love 'em

Wow. How will they top this in the free skate tonight?! For another take on ice dancers, see NPR Monkey See’s piece on why ice dancers are the angriest of all athletes (super amusing.)

And while a new Olympic title will be awarded to the top Ice Dancers tonight, I’ve given Playdoh a new title: Most Non-Committal of All Toys. It is earning this title because, in these long winter months, my boys and I have challenged Playdoh to various tests. Could it cling to a window overnight? Would it harden if left out overnight (like clay)? Would it freeze outside? The results were kind of, kind of and kind of. So there you have it: Playdoh, until you pick a side and choose to either dry up and get hard or stay soft and mushy like when you are fresh from the container, you are hereby the most non-committal of all toys.

  • 2 responses to "New Titles for Ice Dancers & Playdoh"

  • lenore
    23rd February 2010 at 10:56

    so true,liz – tim gunn is the disaster master!

  • Liz
    23rd February 2010 at 7:09

    Tim Gunn, the ice dancer need you! (Nice Plydoh experiment too.)