Close Encounters of the Public Kind…

Posted in Blog on Feb 18, 2010

Amazing what I find when I peel myself away from writing at my laptop…fodder for more writing at my laptop! And also, encounters that open my eyes and inspire me.

metromag1) Public Art: Not that I needed to be reminded, but nonetheless, a reminder of the importance of public art…keep it alive, civic deciders! My latest entry for Mom Culture’s blog on Metro magazine is a love letter to public art which ends with an idea for an new party game (or at least an excuse to drink wine…or absinthe, depending on how authentic you want to be with your art.)

2) Public Outing: This week I had a chance to meet some really cool people doing really cool things with film, cameras, pens and keyboards (not the music kind, the computer kind.) What so resonated with me was the honest dialogue about feeling isolated while we pursue our crafts — whether it’s the art of parenting, writing or other work of any kind — and the importance of gathering with others to share ideas, whine about how much we don’t know and generally commune.

A few things I learned about that I’m looking forward to: Norah Shapiro’s forthcoming documentary “If You Dare”; getting my kids out of the scrambled egg and noodle rut (which I take full responsibility for) with unplannedcooking and tastebudtart; finding creative science-y ways to ride out the remaining indoor days with; getting greener with; using beautybets to try as hard for my outer beauty as I do for my inner.