The kids are alright…

Posted in Blog on Feb 15, 2010

Husband and I are back from Chicago – remember how I was a vacation virgin? (see the 2/5 blog entry) The time alone together was amazing and back home the kids seemed to have fun — when we got home there was lots of artwork on the table, rice krispies in a pan and tattoos on their arms (temporary, I think.)

In Chicago, we indulged in the art of food at Table 52, Avec and Rick Bayless’ XOCO; the art of decadence with a spa treatment at Peninsula Spa; and the art of, well, art at the Art Institute of Chicago, a few galleries and a fun encounter with public art (more on that in the near future.) Had a chance to catch up with Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard who’s opening a new restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop – a Mom Culture interview with her will run in the near future.

And remember how I wrote about the Giacometti sculpture, L’Homme Qui Marche I, that fetched $104.3 million at auction? (see 2/8 post) I had a chance to examine its counterpart face to face — here’s me and L’Homme Qui Marche II at the Art Institute of Chicago. My husband says one of us is priceless…he meant me, right?