Food for Thought

Posted in Blog on Feb 26, 2010
As long as we’re on food this week with Stephanie Izard, ask yourself: am I a Flexitarian? a Selectarian? Do I really need one more label to keep track of?! My latest piece on might help with clarity…or not! At my children’s school, the… read more

Stephanie Izard

Posted in Culinary Arts on Feb 26, 2010
Top Chef Winner/Artisanal Chef I love my pop culture as much as I love my high culture. I also love great food, so when pop culture and great food collide, it’s a magical thing. I’m a big fan of that wonderful melding of food and… read more

In the art closet: Beer Art

Posted in Blog on Feb 26, 2010
As its website says, “Bev Shots are posh prints of beers, wines and cocktails photographed under a microscope and featured as modern art.” Look what can happen when science gets creative. In honor of this week’s artist, Stephanie Izard, and the selection of craft beers and… read more

New form of ...

Posted in Blog on Feb 25, 2010
Last night I went to the Ordway Theater to see Shidara, a world-renowned Taiko drumming group from Japan. I figured I would either come home with a headache or thrilled by the art. Happily, it was the latter. I totally loved it and even found… read more

New Titles for Ice Dancers ...

Posted in Blog on Feb 22, 2010
Ice dancing costumes are the haute couture of all sports get-ups – no one could ever in their wildest dreams have imagined such an outfit. One Olympic ice dancer did her routine in cowboy boots, another in a bikini top and one of the guys… read more

Luggin’ It Old School

Posted in Blog on Feb 19, 2010
This week’s featured artist, Dessa, is a rising star on the hip hop scene. Her sound and vibe are unlike anything I’ve ever heard, a melding of many genres. I love her music — and as the only woman in hip hop’s Doomtree collective, she… read more


Posted in Music on Feb 19, 2010
HIP HOP ARTIST Does the following statement describe you: “Values resilience, loyalty, and creative expression in everyday life.” It’s a great statement, but it wasn’t offered up as a description for parents. Those words are how Dessa describes a basic tenet of the hip hop… read more

Close Encounters of the ...

Posted in Blog on Feb 18, 2010
Amazing what I find when I peel myself away from writing at my laptop…fodder for more writing at my laptop! And also, encounters that open my eyes and inspire me. 1) Public Art: Not that I needed to be reminded, but nonetheless, a reminder of… read more

The kids are alright…

Posted in Blog on Feb 15, 2010
Husband and I are back from Chicago – remember how I was a vacation virgin? (see the 2/5 blog entry) The time alone together was amazing and back home the kids seemed to have fun — when we got home there was lots of artwork… read more

Pam Longobardi

Posted in Visual Arts on Feb 12, 2010
Artist What this work of art is made of will surprise and disgust you. This piece, “Human Mirror,” was created from plastics and debris that were washed up on the gorgeous beaches in Costa Rica. Artist and Georgia State University art professor Pam Longobardi has… read more