The 80s on an Acid Wash Jeans Scale

Posted in Blog on Jan 29, 2010


It’s being widely reported in the arts and culture pages that the 80s are back on the big screen. Some are pointing to the fact that 80s box office draws John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis are starring in 4 major releases this year.

Others have announced the remakes of 80s films that will find their way to a theater near you in 2010, including The A Team, The Karate Kid, Clash of the Titans and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Gag me with a spoon! Apparently, all the guys who in high school hung out at the bowling alley and played Asteroids are now in charge of green-lighting remakes at the movie studios.

I’m a mom who came of age in the 80s. I like exposing my kids to…
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