Why I Heart “Crazy Heart”

Posted in Blog on Jan 18, 2010

momlogic logo… and why it will resonate with moms.

You don’t have to be a washed-up musician to relate to the journey of choices and forgiveness that “Crazy Heart” takes you on. With art, your own life experiences inform how you’ll perceive it. Since my life experience now is largely as a mom, I related to “Crazy Heart” from that perspective — and not just because one of the main characters is a mother. I also connected to Jeff Bridges’ Golden Globe-winning character, Bad Blake, and I have never been a down-on-their-luck, whiskey-swilling singer/songwriter, at least not yet.

I’ll break down why I heart “Crazy Heart”:

The Struggle with Choices: As moms, we all struggle with the idea of…
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