Artist lists, Part 2

Posted in Cultural Hot List on Jan 01, 2010

Back with more artist lists!  You’ll quickly spot one common thread among these 4 artists.

By the way, starting in the new year I’ll also be blogging for and Metro magazine (and I’ll continue to blog for   But you can always find your culture fix right back here — see you next week with a new artist.

Happy New Year!!

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Tom Slaughter’s Top 5 Culture Moments of 2009:

the high line

the high line

1)  The opening of The High Line in NYC
2)  The movie “Crazy Hearts” — of course, I haven’t seen it yet (it just released 12/16), I just know it will be the best
3)  “Warm Up” at PS1 (PS1’s critically-acclaimed summer music series)
4)  David Hockney’s shows at Pace Wildenstein gallery in NYC
5 ) Having a president who cares about the ARTS

Kate Perotti’s Top 5 Culture Moments of 2009:

1)  Michael Jackson
2)  Obama
3)  Michael Jackson   mjglove
4)  Obama
5)  “MOMz Hot ROCKs” wins the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

Looking forward to in 2010:

“MOMz Hot ROCKs” going to Biograph Film Festival in Bologna
“MOMz Hot ROCKs” going to Berlin Film Market
“MOMz Hot ROCKs” going to Santa Cruz Film Festival
More mom culture online (as you may remember from last week, i’m just listing what they say!)

Ellis Top Culture Moments of 2009:

1)  Barack Obama being inaugurated
2)  Captain Sully safely “landing” in the Hudson river
3)  Michael Jackson passing away
4)  Susan Boyle becoming an overnight sensation
5)  I loved the movie “Up”       up

Looking forward to in 2010:

1)  Some sort of health care reform
2)  Some economic recovery news
3)  I have a new record coming out in 2010 that I LOVE called “Right On Time”.  I can’t wait for folks to hear it! You can hear a sneak peak on my website.

Eric Melzer’s Top Culture Moments of 2009:

1)  The Obama inauguration (even though I missed it because I was on a bus going across Laos)
2)  Scientists finding water on the moon
3)  The start of Sotomayor’s tenure on the Supreme Court  water-on-the-moon