The 80s on an Acid Wash Jeans ...

Posted in Blog on Jan 29, 2010
It’s being widely reported in the arts and culture pages that the 80s are back on the big screen. Some are pointing to the fact that 80s box office draws John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis are starring in 4 major… read more

Kate Gilmore

Posted in Visual Arts on Jan 29, 2010
Artist She cemented her leg in bucket for the sake of her art! Ok, the cementing was an accident, but Kate Gilmore is committed to her work at all costs (see the bucket story in her answers below.) Kate is part of the Whitney Biennial… read more

Dan Buettner

Posted in Writing on Jan 22, 2010
Author + longevity guru The fountain of youth may be real, after all…. …and Dan Buettner wants to help you find it. In his quest to determine what allows the oldest people to live longer, better, Dan has identified some common denominators in these age-defying… read more

Why I Heart “Crazy ...

Posted in Blog on Jan 18, 2010
… and why it will resonate with moms. You don’t have to be a washed-up musician to relate to the journey of choices and forgiveness that “Crazy Heart” takes you on. With art, your own life experiences inform how you’ll perceive it. Since my life… read more

Scott Cooper

Posted in Film on Jan 15, 2010
writer/director, Crazy Heart I loved having a chance to sit down with Scott Cooper, an actor-turned-director who’s finding huge success his very first time behind the camera with the fantastic film Crazy Heart. He also adapted the screenplay and worked with T-Bone Burnett to create… read more

Sounds of Blackness

Posted in Music on Jan 08, 2010
Grammy-winning music group Though they have won 3 Grammys for their Gospel music, it’s not accurate to call Sounds of Blackness a gospel group.  What Sounds of Blackness does is sing music that represents – as their website states – “sounds of blackness: Jazz, Blues, Rock… read more

Artist lists, Part 2

Posted in Cultural Hot List on Jan 01, 2010
Back with more artist lists!  You’ll quickly spot one common thread among these 4 artists. By the way, starting in the new year I’ll also be blogging for and Metro magazine (and I’ll continue to blog for   But you can always find your culture… read more