Artist lists, Part 1

Posted in Cultural Hot List on Dec 25, 2009

Yes, I succumbed to the “list.”  But it’s really because I truly do like lists and often find new leads about stuff I’d like to explore.  I tapped some of our fabulous artists from Mom Culture Online’s first 3 months and asked them for their Top 5 Culture Moments of 2009.  I guarantee these are no run-of-the-mill lists — have any other lists referenced whale placenta?! Some of them also shared what cultural things they’re most looking forward to in 2010.

Look for more artists and their lists next week.  I’ll threw in my own list here — what’s on your culture list? Share by leaving a comment.

Merry everything, Mom Culture friends!


Gail Albert Halaban’s Top 5 Culture Moments of 2009:        curiousgeorge
See Gail’s photography here

1)  Robert Frank’s “The Americans” at the Metropolitan Museum
2)  The White House Garden
3)  My own show, “Out My Window,” at the Robert Mann Gallery
4)  David Levinthal’s photographs of Iraq made of toys
5)  The book Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore

Looking forward to in 2010:
Curious George exhibit at the Jewish Museum of New York

Christopher Janney’s Top 5 Culture Moments of 2009:
See/hear Christopher’s sound art here

1)  “Sonic Forest:USC”, performance with The Trojan Marching Band; keynote lecture-



“Public Space, Public Art, Public Life,” October
2)  Opening of “Parking in Color,” 10-story parking structure in Ft. Worth, TX, April
3)  Performance of “What Is A Heart” with The Persuasions, March
4)  “Sonic Shadow” — commissioned by The Boston Ballet, to be performed in 2011
5)  Featured in Mom Culture (it was on his list and I promised not to edit the lists, so….)

Looking forward to in 2010:
My own work, of course:
“Harmonic Redux” w.t., Miami Airport Commission…currently in design
“Everywhere Is the Best Seat”- Commission from Montclair State University, opening September
“Sonic Forest”- Tour 2010
“HeartBeat with The Persuasions” film – World Premier, American Dance Festival, Duke University
“Subterranean Rainbow”- Hendrix College Commission
“Sonic Forest-2009″ 60-minute environmental CD, to be released on Burning Drum Records

Christopher also wants to share that has a new blog and welcomes comments

Sophie Blackall’s Top 5 Culture Moments of 2009:
See Sophie’s award-winning illustration here

1)  The wordless, intensely moving opening scene of Robert Lepage’s nine hour marathon play, “Lipsynch.”
2)  Watching a pod of humpback whales frolicking off the coast of South Eastern Australia in the Spring and then finding great mounds of whale placenta washed up on the beach the next morning. Whale placenta!
3)  Song Dong’s installation at MoMA, “Waste Not,” which was a carefully arranged and ordered display of his mother’s possessions which she collected, stored and saved over her lifetime. The folded plastic bags, lined-up empty toothpaste tubes, cotton reels, spent batteries, lengths of string were simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking and spoke of frugality and loss and fear and attachment.
4)  My son’s fifth grade ballroom dancing exhibition at his public elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. One hundred children in dresses, suits and bowties doing the swing, the tango and the foxtrot was a joyful sight.
5)  (the film) “Where the Wild Things Are.”  I don’t care what anyone else says.

"waste not" (what? you were expecting an image of the whale placenta?)

"waste not" (what? you were expecting an image of the whale placenta?)

Lenore’s Top 5 (ok, 6) Culture Moments of 2009:

1)  TV: Watching Jon Hamm in “Mad Men” (maybe watching him in anything…who else can pull off “suave” doing a SNL skit like “Jon Hamm’s john ham”)
2)  Music: Finally discovering Mika; seeing a Michael Franti concert again
3)  Film: “This Is It” (see my love blog to it here…)
4)  Theater: Tony Kushner’s play, The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures.  I may not live in NY anymore but I do live near the Guthrie, one of the greatest regional theaters in the nation, which commissioned Kushner to write a new play.  I was awestruck that he wrote this play in my neighborhood.  I loved this play and it’s headed to Broadway, so keep an eye open for it.
5)  The culture of being a Mom…the grocery store phenomenon that is 100-calorie snack packs of everything.
6)  Launching Mom Culture Online (I learned in 4th grade, when I missed getting the lead in a play because I didn’t vote for myself, that I should always vote for myself!)

Looking forward to in 2010:
The film “Howl”
Whitney Biennial